Reducing & Reclaiming duty

Below are several generic compliance procedures which many companies are unaware of and customs brokers often overlook.


HTS Classifications

The correct procedure when declaring goods to HMRC is to classify them to the most defined and relevant tariff heading possible. This is based not necessarily on what the product is, but how it will be used. It is an all too frequent assumption by some customs brokers that the products being imported by the client are recurrent and they therefore utilise ‘bucket’ classifications which will have a greater duty rate than that of a more appropriate tariff heading. By researching and appreciating the product the client is importing, we negotiate with HMRC to attain the most favourable classification appropriate to their goods. In keeping a database of all products imported by our clients we ensure the correct duty rates are applied on every consignment handled.



Our sample experts can educate you in how to import these products to avoid any duties being paid.


Processing under Customs Control Regime (PCC)

Duty can be avoided or reduced if the goods you are importing are used in a finished product.

Sales to EU

Sales to the EU

Find out how you can avoid VAT being paid on importation


If you are purchasing product from the Far East through a 3rd party we can introduce you to processes that allow you to pay reduced duties.

Frieght Costs

Freight Charges

Most customs brokers do not understand the rulings of reduced duty benefits on freight costs. Learn how to take advantage of this facility and reduce duties being paid.

Compliance Auditing

Can you 'read' your entry paperwork to ensure that your forwarder is making the correct declarations on your behalf? We will educate you in how to audit your declarations which will both protect your business and reduce your duty payments.

The failure to utilise these and other basic procedures result in misclassification and overpayments of millions of pounds per year. D&LM will review your previous declarations free of charge and will reclaim any duties that have been overpaid on your behalf.