Ensuring Customs Compliance - Your responsibility to HMRC

Are you aware of the declarations being made on your behalf?

When importing or exporting it is important to understand that the movement of the cargo is only part of the shipping process. Each consignment requires a declaration to be made to HMRC on behalf of the importer / export which, in most instances, they have had very little, or no control over.


Customs Detection

HMRC are now increasing their investigations into how duty/tax declarations by companies/individuals are made and are seeking to recover as much income as possible. Although significantly reducing the amount of goods now inspected at UK Borders (due to officers becoming engaged in the threat of terrorism, drug and human trafficking) HMRC have adopted a new procedure - centralisation - where all previous declarations made are post examined at the importers premises. As any accountability that the customs broker previously had, in the declaration of your goods has now diminished, you, the importer of record, will now receive regular visits from HMRC wishing to analyse such declarations and demanding immediate explanations as to their validity.

HMRC reserve the right to review any declaration made within the previous 3 years and recover any revenues under declared in this period. Any underpayments of duties found will be investigated to determine level of penalty levied.

By the same token, The importer can also reclaim overpayments that have been made during this period, should any be discovered.


Your Liability

Any declarations made in the name of your company are your responsibility. If there are any discrepancies in the declarations made to HMRC your company will be responsible for such errors.

Life Aid

Are you safe?

D&LM will examine previous declarations that have been made on your companies behalf. In highlighting any erroneous classifications that have been made, we will offer assistance in the remuneration or recovery of any duties. Going forward we will provide your company with a bespoke customs compliance programme that will ensure that all future declarations are made correctly and compliantly.