Duty and Logistics Management Limited

D&LM provide managed services and consultancy programmes in all areas of customs compliance and international trade activities. Operating independently we offer specialist assistance in cross border movements, product declaration, international shipping procedures, excise evaluation and logistical solutions. Working closely and, within the strict guidelines operated by HMRC, we provide services that will both safeguard and assist your business in the international movement of their products.

Any cross border movement of products will encounter global trade agreements and local customs procedures. In order to simplify processes and encourage trading partners, each country regularly revise their border regulations. Any company shipping internationally should be aware when such rulings are made, in order to conform to these directives and take advantage of the fiscal incentives that are often associated with them

We appreciate that many companies lack the resources to administrate the constant stream of changes to border regulations and customs procedures. By understanding the customers brand and trading practices, we identify any rulings that are relative to the international movement of their products. By continually updating our clients of these amendments we ensure they remain customs compliant and continue to take advantage of the many legitimate benefits that are available to them. In providing such services to your business, Duty & Logistics Management will bring value and efficiency to your international supply chain.